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Committee Staff

The Assembly Committee on Accountability and Administrative Review is charged with overseeing key state functions, including government efficiency, organization, and procurement. 

The Committee's policy jurisdiction includes the following: 
• The Administrative Procedure Act and Office of Administrative Law;
• Government efficiency and cost control;
• Property acquisition;
• State government organization and reorganization;
• State printing and binding contracts;
• State procurement; and,
• Weights and measures.

The Committee welcomes suggestions from the public or state employees on government operations that may need to be examined.  The committee will hold oversight hearings on topics such as:

• How well state dollars are utilized by a government department or agency;
• Misuse or abuse of state funds or property;
• How well a state government program, department or agency performs its required duties to serve the public.

Please contact a committee consultant if you wish to provide an idea for an oversight hearing. The Committee's main phone number is (916) 319-3600.

Consultants' direct contact information is listed below:
Scott Herbstman, Chief Consultant
Cassie Royce, Principal Consultant
Secretary: Elizabeth Delgado










































































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